PTO Tracker is used to keep track of your Paid Time Off (PTO). Are you curious if taking off next Tuesday will cause you issues with that vacation three months from now? Quickly see how much PTO you'll have on a given date.

PTO Tracker allows you to see your PTO in either days or hours. You can also take PTO in full/half day increments or hour/fractional hour increments.

If your company's PTO policies are different and this app does not support your needs, let me know and I'll try to make updates to accommodate you. New features will be added soon to provide even greater flexibility.

Explanation of permissions: Both permissions are used to allow in-app advertising on the free version. All PTO data stays local to the phone, with the exception of data backed up by Google Backup Services.


- Track PTO (Paid Time Off)
- See exactly how much you'll have available on a given date
- Know how changes will affect future plans
- Interface is quick and easy to use




- 1-year and 3-month pay periods


- Allow the entering of bonus time (long press the date or select "Advanced Input" method in the config)
- Fix various bug crashes
- Point contact stuff to